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What is the cost to play?

K-2 grades:  $50.00/player 

3-4 grades:  $100.00/player 

5-8 grades:  $110.00/player 

SIBLING DISCOUNT $10.00 off the total cost of family registration 

FAMILY MAX:     $250.00 

Note: scholarships are available. The program will not refuse participation because of financial hardships. Please check the appropriate box when registering your child. 


How do I signup?

To register for the program: 

Grades K-2 here:

Grades 3-8 here:


Can I signup whenever?

***** Registration for grades 3-8 will close on October 31st. Registration for grades K-2 will close on November 7th. 

It is really important you signup during this time period, specifically for those kids playing in grades 3-8.  We aren’t as strict with the K-2 signups because they don’t start until end of November, however it is a pain to keep opening and closing the site. We like to give the little ones some time off between soccer and basketball that is why we have a different registations open and close dates.  A lot of behind the scenes planning goes into running a sports program, A LOT, so while we may feel like one last minute sign up isn’t a big deal, it creates an issue for people planning teams, making rosters, submitting rosters, and ordering uniforms. PLEASE, PLEASE sign up by the deadline of October 21st.  I know some of the older kids won’t know which Tahanto team they will play on this winter: middle school or JV. There will undoubtedly be some conflicts, but we try our best to work with school programs so kids can still play rec.  


When are practices and games?

Practices will be planned based on coach availability. Unlike soccer, we have only one playable area (BMS gym) to use for all the teams, so space is a challenge. We try to get the younger kids in first and the older kids later in the evening. 


  • K will practice Saturday mornings, but that could change if the coach at that level can’t do that. We aim for first thing in the morning. 

  • 1-2 will practice 2X a week and will be no later than a 6:00 end time, or something very close.  We recognize these kids are young and can’t be out playing sports into the evening hours. The practice time will depend on coach availability. 

  • 3-4 will practice 2x a week. Time can vary from right after school (if coach can) to early evenings, done by 7:30. Games are on Sundays either 12:15,1:30, or 2:45. 

  • 5-6 will practice 2X a week. These kids get the middle gym time, done by 7:30. Games on Saturdays, varied times. as early as 10:30 and as late as 3:30.  

  • 7-8 will practice 2X a week. These kids get the last time slot, done by 8:45. Games on Saturdays, varied times, as early as 10:30 or as late as 3:30.  


Will the kids get uniforms?

All players in K-2, new and returning, will receive a Berlin Basketball t-shirt. New players grades 3-8 receive a reversible uniform shirt that is worn for games.  Returning players in grades 3-8 can wear last year’s jersey, unless the child has outgrown it.  A new shirt order will be done, via email, through me, after registration closes.  Take some time to check the status of the shirt at your house so you will be ready to order if need be. I have no idea about supply chain issues but suspect we will need to order promptly. Each new shirt for grades 3-8 will cost an additional $10, which can be paid through venmo or in person with check or cash.  All players in grades K-8 do not need to buy any specific shorts or socks. Basketball sneakers are optional, but encouraged for the older kids. 


I have so many kids. Kids on three separate teams will be a struggle for us. Can my daughter play on her sister’s team who plays at the next grade level?

Ok, so we absolutely understand the challenges with kids on different teams. We do not encourage kids playing up unless the teams above do not have enough players. Even then, we are only going to move kids up if they are physically and mentally ready to play at the next level. We prefer kids play at their appropriate grade level, but there are always outstanding circumstances. 


Who coaches the kids?

Volunteers run the basketball program, like all our recreation sports programs. So we NEED people stepping forward to volunteer. I am trying to loop in some of our high school basketball players to coach/help coach. I will invite all the coaches to the gym prior to the start of the season to get you familiar with the program and how things run. This will give you an opportunity to share your input also.  If you want to coach, email me: or the program: CORI’s will be done on all the volunteers. 


Does my child need basketball sneakers?

No. Grades K, 1,and 2 can play in their regular sneakers. Grades higher than that can decide for themselves. My kids wear them because it absorbs the force from jumping, but they are not required to play. 

Is there a conflict if I play for the Tahanto school team AND play for rec? 

We try to make every effort to be cognizant of the school teams' schedules and avoid scheduling conflicts when we are able.  In years past we have had players at the 5/6 and 7/8 levels able to play on Tahanto school teams, while also still playing on the rec. team. Last year the 5/6 AND 7/8 boys teams clinched the Nashoba championships!!!! 

Is there a conflict if I play for travel and rec? 

No. rec games are on Saturdays and travel games are on Sundays.  It is required if you play travel, you also must play rec. 

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