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Welcome to Berlin's Recreational Youth Basketball Program website. Here you will find everything you need to help you register your child for the season, understand what the different levels offer, locate coaches' contact information, and anything else you may find useful. 



Youth rec. basketball is intended to be fun and fulfilling.  Kids have plenty of opportunity to play sports competitively and there are several additional programs/clubs-including travle league- if kids wish to have that level of play where fair play time is not required and where kids are chosen for a team based on ability. The main goal of rec basketball is to give all kids the opportunity to play a sport in a healthy, happy environment so they ultimately build a love for the sport.  Don't get me wrong, a good, solid game of competition is healthy and purposeful. But, when coaches are yelling at refs, kids are feeling pressured, scores are run up, and athletes are leaving a game in tears, the sport has failed its purpose, at this level. Let's keep perspective and give these kids what they deserve: a chance to develop both as young people and as young basketball players.  

If you have an interest in coaching please email,

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